Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moderate Islam is Our New Religion

Via Jonathan

I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be.

There is no moderate Islam in the mosques or in Mecca. You won’t find it in the Koran or the Hadiths. If you want to find moderate Islam, browse the newspaper editorials after a terrorist attack or take a course on Islamic religion taught by a Unitarian Sociologist wearing fake native jewelry.

You can’t find a moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but you can find it in countless network news specials, articles and books about the two homelands of their respective brands of Islam.

You won’t find the fabled land of moderate Muslims in the east. You won’t even find it in the west. Like all myths it exists in the imagination of those who tell the stories. You won’t find a moderate Islam in the Koran, but you will find it in countless Western books about Islam.

Moderate Islam isn’t what most Muslims believe. It’s what most liberals believe that Muslims believe.

The new multicultural theology of the West is moderate Islam. Moderate Islam is the perfect religion for a secular age since it isn’t a religion at all.

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  1. Do you really think the chaos in the Middle East is happening in a vacuum? There is a reason two journalists have had their heads cut off while they were still alive. There is a driving force behind the violence. We have Muslim supporters at the highest levels of our government. What the Soviet Union could never achieve the infiltration of the American government with communist sympathizers Islam has achieved. We have a President if not a closet Muslim at least very sympathetic to the cause. We also have various heads of important departments CIA head John Brennan, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel both Muslim converts and who know how many others have infiltrated. We have a government rotten at the very head. And the whole damn press core too in love with Obama or too politically correct to say a word.


    1. Excellent comment and I still can't believe this is happening. Just mind boggling.

  2. Moderate Islam = oxymoron.


  3. Want to know the truth about Islam? Watch this and the other videos this woman
    has on youtube. She did one several years back that I can't find in which she explains how Muslim influence spreads and that they all work together including the ones we think are moderate good guys, like the guy that runs the convenience store down the street or our favorite cab driver. It's all a plan and they all play a part in the expansion. CH

  4. The extremist muslims want to kill us - the infidels.

    The moderate muslims want the extremists to kill the infidels.