Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kay Hagan’s Net Worth Has Jumped 37 Percent Since She Took Office

Via Cousin John

Becoming a U.S. senator can be great way to increase your personal wealth. Just ask Kay Hagan, whose net worth has increased almost 40 percent since getting elected.

According to CQ Roll Call, which tracks the wealth of members of Congress on an annual basis, Hagan’s minimum net worth (figures are provided in broad ranges on financial disclosure forms) was $6.67 million when she took office in 2009. As of this year, Hagan had a minimum net worth of $9.12 million, which amounts to a 37 percent over her Senate career.

In the past year alone, Hagan saw a 13 percent increase in her net worth, and moved up four spots on CQ Roll Call’s list of richest members of Congress, to 41st (out of 535). Not too shabby.

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