Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Battle Of Budapest

Via anna_bpguide


  1. Hi Brock,
    Thanks for the post, I was 11 years old when that happened. Many who "escaped" came here. I went to High School (Back before they were "Indoctrination Centers") with a guy who fought n the streets of Budapest. One man who "escaped" brought with him a simple can of Hungarian "Dirt." He gave it to the Pastor of the Hungarian Presbyterian Church in Albany "Arpad Hon" (the Home of Arpad) Louisiana. Afterwards, when a member of the Hungarian Immigrant Community would pass on, they would place a small amount of this "Dirt" on the edge of the coffin before it was lowered. I don't know how long that "tradition" lasted as that was a long time ago now. Funny about "Dirt." I was listening to a Country song by "Florida Georgia Line" ...."'Makes 'ya wanna' build a ten percent down white picket fence on this "Dirt!"....'it just takes on a whole new meaning.
    God, Guns and Guts Keep America Free,

    1. Well, I was 12!
      A very interesting story and I have heard that song. :) Thanks.