Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First, Kill the Filibuster

Via Cousin Joel

The filibuster is dead for nominees and is living-dead for legislation; it exists, but under the precedent set by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats last year, it could be eliminated any time the majority wishes. Democrats are almost certain to do so next time they control the House of Representatives, so Republicans should go ahead and kill off the filibuster for good on day one.

When Harry Reid broke the Senate rules to torpedo the filibuster for appointees last year, Republicans howled in protest. Both sides made arguments that sounded principled, but really advanced their own partisan interests - we know that because less than a decade earlier an almost identical debate occurred, and in the interim is appeared Republicans and Democrats had traded scripts.

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  1. Not totally on topic, but here is a sickening result of the Repub victory last night:

  2. While we're at it, shouldn't we first, Kill "the Filibustor"?

  3. Here is a good one about the Liberal Prophets:

  4. I may be a bit of a contrarian here. I believe the filibuster is an essential part of the Senate. Not the current I’m a lazy jackass way the filibuster works now. Go back to the day when a filibuster was just not a vote saying I filibuster. If you want to filibuster something march your sorry ass up to the podium and talk until you drop over. During that time you have stopped the progress so those that agree with you can try to persuade enough others to stop the measure or not. This crap of saying I filibuster then go out to dinner is just lazy politicians. Take the filibuster back to its historic roots. The filibuster is not evil the evil is the politicians perversion of it.

    Here is a quick lesson in American Government. The House of Representatives was designed as the “people house” to take on issues of the day. By design it is reactionary to topic of the day issues. The Senate was designed exactly opposite to be a slow deliberative body. The Senate was not to be unduly influenced by topics of the day. In fact Senators were not even to be elected by the citizens. In order to represent their state a Senator was to be elected by the state legislature. A Senator was to be above the common politics of the day. They were to focus on representing their state’s interests and for the good of the nation. It was the 17th Amendment ratifies in 1913 that made Senators elected by popular vote. The year 1913 was a pivotal year in the destruction of America. In that one year the globalists took control of America’s destruction. That say year gave us “The Federal Reserve” and income tax.

    We have to go back just a bit further in history to see the first blow dealt to America by the globalists. By controlling Lincoln and the north the globalists set the stage for the civil war. That war destroyed the republic and began the federal control of America. It took them another fifty-years to drive in the next nails. In 1913 the deliberative design of the senate ended with popular vote, the Fed was created and they made income tax legal. It took them another fifty-years for the final nail to be driven. Making the Presidential candidates elected by popular vote. With that change the Republic that was America died and we became a democracy.

    America was designed more as a republic and less a democracy. Due to ignorance of people most think democracy is a good thing…Well it is not. Democracy is simply tyranny by majority. Which if memory serves me democracy is one of the founding tenants of Communism. I am sure everyone remembers National Socialism or NAZI for short. No America was designed to be a Republic because our founders knew the totalitarianism fostered by democracy.


    1. Take the filibuster back to its historic roots.

      Agreed, but you would have to get all on board which is doubtful, I believe and good history lesson. Thanks.