Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 16 Most Epic Democratic Underground MELTDOWNS Over The 2014 Republican Rout

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What is best in life? Well, experiencing Tuesday night’s meltdown at Democratic Underground is certainly nowhere near the top of the list, but it was halfway entertaining — for a Tuesday night.

Below are the greatest hits from a night filled with intense rage, frustration, more rage, sadness and confusion among users at the interactive leftist website.


  1. Oh an - those fill my soul with joy. I know it's not nice to take joy in anothers misery but they're not really people are they? Communist, leftist radicals hell bent on destroying the very foundation of our country are upset that their want-to-be high lord king didn't get his way?
    Reading these make me warm and giggly inside. These basement dwellers raging at the ceiling mad that people don't like being told how to live... delicious.

  2. Now those are funny. Thanks, you made my day.