Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Univ. of San Francisco: Straights, Whites Have “Heterosexual,” Racist “Privilege”

Privilege 1

In a new campaign to reportedly raise awareness of “privilege,” the University of San Francisco is handing out fliers telling anyone who is white, straight, Christian, or “able-bodied” that they are privileged and need to “check their privilege.” The campaign was put together by three professors at the college and Student Life.

The fliers also claim that if you believe that your gender identity and biological gender are the same (that is, if you consider yourself a male and you are biologically male), you are privileged as well.
No matter who you are, no matter what your situation in life, if you have just one of these attributes, you are privileged and need to “check” yourself. So if you are a poor, orphaned Caucasian man who is homeless, you are privileged because of your race. If you are an African American baptist who has struggled through poverty to go to college, you are privileged because you are a Christian and need to realize you actually have it pretty easy.


  1. What is needed is a sharpie marker with the phrase' Go F--k yourself' written on it.
    I re-read that posting, does not make any sense to me. The ONLY checking I will do is on the amount of gun, ammo, sundry supplies I need to have on hand when the SHTF. And the top priority, that I am right with my God

    1. the amount of gun, ammo, sundry supplies I need to have on hand when the SHTF.


  2. Let me see if I can get this right.

    Unless you are a black, Latino, homosexual, non-English speaking, Muslim, illegal immigrant and Ebola infected you have privilege.

    Did I miss anyone?


  3. Public funds need to be pulled from these institutions..

  4. I paid for my entire college education, while working mostly full time, and never asked for a loan!
    Guess I was privileged.


    1. Yes, you just don't realize it, but after 100+ reeducation sessions, you mind will be set straight! :)

  5. Heh. Those idiots need a the kind you get in a hockey rink.