Friday, January 30, 2015

Best New Rifles of 2015

                                                         SAVAGE MODEL 11 SCOUT 

First, a few random notes. My lack of comments on the past couple of weeks’ posts was due to the fact that every several months or so, my MAC decides that my password is unacceptable and shuts me down. However, I’m now back in business, at least until it screws up again.

A fashion note from SHOT. This year, the big thing, if you had 18-inch biceps and a 19-point IQ, was a sleeveless T-shirt. There was a lot of this.

In at least one SHOT report, I’ve complained about the lack of ventilation at the show, and the farts that lie lurking like pockets of mustard gas on a World War I battlefield. This year I ran into two that would have brought a mule to its knees. It may have been the same person. If so, my advice to him is to see a gastroenterologist without delay; there’s something wrong with you. And a trip to the dry cleaner is probably in order as well.

Anyway, rifles. There were a lot of very good new ones this year, and here they are, not in any kind of order.

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