Friday, January 30, 2015

Outrage Over Public Defender’s Arrest Caught on Video: ‘This Is Not Guantanamo Bay’

Via avordvet

San Francisco Deputy Public Defender Jami Tillotson was in a courtroom in the city’s Hall of Justice when she got the word: Police were interviewing and taking photographs of a client of hers elsewhere in the building.

So Tillotson left the courtroom, got to her client, and told him he didn’t have to answer any questions from police; she added to the inspector present that he had no right to take photos of her client or her client’s friend, who was also there, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

Soon someone started recording Tuesday’s incident on a cellphone camera.

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  1. If the Public Defender was indeed representing the person that LEO was talking too/photographing then she has not just a right but a DUTY to instruct her client
    in what to say/ not say and how to behave. As an officer of the court while inside the
    courthouse she OUTRANKS the badgemonkeys. I'd be amazed if the judge didn't give a righteous pranging to the morons in blue for overstepping their bounds on this one.

  2. You can't tell a pig no. Don't you know the rules? Actually, you can't tell the dumb bastards anything!

  3. And the beat goes on in Pelosi-ville.


  4. I would be ticked, too - Rules, what Rules!
    poor Chucky Hagel has this to say about Guantanamo - I think our PINO wants Gitmo closed so that he can give it all back to the Castro boys in his last act of betrayal before he leaves office.