Thursday, January 29, 2015

People control


As if there was any doubt that “gun control” is just a misnomer for people control, we have more evidence of the new direction on the part of the disarmers of lawful Americans. That direction is Soviet-style punitive psychiatry as well as a vast expansion of the category of “prohibited persons” through retroactive addition of punishments to old convictions.

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  1. We are seriously in enemy territory here. I just called the principal of the high school that my kid attends. She sent me a few screen shots of the survey she was supposed to take in class and refused to. The teacher was flipping out on her, so I called to tell them that I did not give my permission for the "school" to psychoanalyze my kid and she would not be filling out the survey.

    I was prepared for an argument, but the principal agreed with me and said it's a state survey and that my daughter is exempted from taking it.

    More parents should wake the heck up and call. Start doing something. Get in their faces.
    Although from what my daughter said everyone else was a good little sheep and filling it out.
    Questions about how safe they felt in school, bullying and these disturbing ones:

    I am honest even when telling the truth might get me in trouble:

    agree somewhat, sometimes, strongly

    I feel bad if my chores, homework, responsibilities are not done well on time:
    agree: somewhat sometimes, strongly

    I control myself when I am frustrated, angry, disappointed.

    WHAT does this have to do with academics?
    Any wonder why kids can't do math ? Structure a sentence or understand literature?

    I can't wait for the next survey. I'm sure they'll be questions about sexuality and political leanings on it. My daughter will tell them where to stick it.

    1. Get in their faces.

      Absolutely. Never had a problem as Dixie went to a good private school and then was homeschooled. Tthen came community college for cosmetology. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous. I'm sure they will be happy when Dixie leaves so they don't have to put up with me. :) When she turned 18, they said that they could only talk to her and not me and needless to say that didn't work out for them. Reminds me of the time in Vietnam when I was refused MedEvac from the PI to Saigon for a break from my Cobalt as the doctor had advised. They MedEvaced me there, but because my treatments weren't finished they said I would have to pay to visit my family. At any rate, I appealed at every level until I got to the top where they finally agreed to reimburse my $100 R/T ticket without admitting fault. Just imagine how much of the taxpayers' money was wasted in all the shenanigans.


      My daughter will tell them where to stick it.

      Give her a hug for me., :)