Thursday, January 29, 2015

Woman Hijacks Podium at Muslim Event: ‘False Prophet’ Muhammed ‘Will Never Dominate Texas!’

Via Jeff

Suffice it to say: The 11th annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day is not going well for Texas.

Earlier Thursday we brought you the story of State Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) requesting her staff greet any visitors from the Muslim community with the Israeli flag pin, a request for denunciation of terrorist groups, and a verbal pledge of allegiance to the United States.

When members of the Muslim community showed up to the Capitol for the annual meeting with state lawmakers, they were greeted by roughly 25 protesters who showed up to give the Muslim community a piece of their mind. According to the Texas Tribune, one demonstrator’s sign read “Radical Islam is the New Nazi,” and another’s: “Go Home & Take Obama With You.”

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  1. The dammed ragheads had better tread very, very lightly in Texas. We are about to get really antsie. And that won't be good for them. Maybe even throw in that jacklegged Pussy with the BDU's who didn't like your flag.

  2. Did you see that black assault the righteous woman? Yea, these types are a
    problem. I have to give it to the white woman for standing up for our country.
    Most people just accept the inevitable like So. Africa...Where are the white
    secret societies when you need one. The sign of the times is degeneracy. This term—degeneracy—sums up all that is happening to the West. From noble to
    a wasteland.

  3. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
    From the book by Obama or Ayers 'Dreams of My Father"
    Now that is mind boggling.

    1. Now that is mind boggling.

      A commie/Muslim, can't get worst.