Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NC $NAACP$ boss doubles down on anti-white hatred

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Michelle Laws is the head of the North Carolina NAACP. She is the one waging a vicious campaign against two High School students who were photographed with Confederate flags while visiting Gettysburg. Many local media outlets have shamelessly promoted Laws and her vitriolic campaign to promote racial animosity.

Laws, who was recently arrested for building code violations and trespassing, has proven beyond doubt that she is motivated by racial hatred against white people.

Laws is demanding that East Chapel Hill High School suspend the two white female students. She is also demanding that UNC block one of the girls from starting college next fall. She is also demanding that the school reduce the number of black students it suspends, by giving some black students a free pass for misbehavior.

When Laws held her press conference to call for the two girls to be suspended. One of the fathers, Ron Creatore, tried to calmly reason with Laws. She hysterically shouted “racist” and other buzz words at Creatore.

Creatore asked Laws if she would ta ke a stand against the “cyber-bullying” of his daughter caused by Law’s harassment campaign. Laws said she would. Then in e-mails, now made public by Creatore, she flat out refuses to do so. Then she had the audacity to claim that Creatore was “violently disturbed.” Laws responds to Creatore by saying that any future e-mails would be perceived as “a threat” and that she would request that the police intervene.

It is extremely common for people on the far-left to falsely claim that they are being threatened by the very people they are demonizing. It has been decades since any politically or racially motivated violence has occurred against the NAACP. However, a few months ago a Colorado NAACP leader perpetrated a hoax “bombing” that was completely debunked.

Ron Creatore is the father of one of the girls. He explains what is actually happening in the photo:

One of My daughter’s friends snapped her picture holding the Rebel flag. My daughter was on a school trip to Gettysburg for her honors Civil War class reenacting the Confederacy’s tactics during Pickett’s Charge, a famous battle during the Civil War. The flag was owned by the school, the trip was sanctioned by the school, and my daughter was acting under the direction of her teacher doing exactly what he told her to do. This trip has been conducted this way for 30 years !

One of my daughter’s classmates snapped a photo of her holding the flag and it was posted on Instagram. Now, the NAACP wants my daughter suspended, has asked UNC to withdraw my daughter’s enrollment for next fall, and has defamed/shamed me as being a white supremacist and privileged white racist merely because I have attempted to defend my daughter by asking the NAACP to acknowledge the facts.

Now the NAACP is threatening criminal action against me (see below) for asking them to speak out about the Cyber-Bullying that my daughter is being subjected to as a result of inflammatory statements being made by the NAACP and its supporters.

Please help shed some light on what the on the hypocrisy that the NAACP is displaying as they attack my family.

Ron Creatore

E-mails between Ron Creatore and Michelle Laws:


  1. Hi Brock,
    This woman is out of control!! Well, I would say that I am fortunate she never saw me in my little "White" Ford Ranger Pickup Truck with the "Confederate Flag Plate" on the front bumper back not that long ago when I still lived in NC, Roseboro being my last residence there. I'm sure she would have "Gone Bonkers!!" 'Trouble is, I'm not the only one!! 'Only remember seeing a small hand full of vehicles from my area that "Didn't sport a Confederate flag plate!!" Also had a lot of flag poles in front yards that sported Confederate Flags!! Besides being totally bonkers the woman has a serious case of "Tunnel vision!!" Just "Look around!!" I currently reside in Louisiana around where I grew up but I have to say part of my Heart still resides in Sampson County. The woman is also showin' some serious CS in that she is pickin' on 2 High School Girls!! Geeeezzz!!!!
    "Fly The Stars and Bars High And Proud!!!!,"
    Got Gunz??,

    1. :) Yes, Sir, screw her and the horse she rode in on! :)

  2. "Racist"!!!! Racist would be to round your kind up and put you back on the ship
    the originals came in on and send you back where you belong. That would be racist but poetic. It's all about roots.