Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The government’s arms race is against the American people

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Democrats have spent years believing that one more left-wing justice on the Supreme Court will enable them to overturn the 2nd Amendment. And should they succeed, our most important inalienable right–the one which has secured the continued existence of all the others–would cease to exist.

Of course, it’s no use telling liberals that the Bill of Rights doesn’t work that way; that inalienable—that is, God-given–rights can’t be voted, legislated or ruled out of existence. It’s no use because in their collectivist mind the left will have acquired the Holy Grail: constitutional permission to disarm the American people.

The question is how they will try to accomplish it. How can 300 million firearms, give or take, be separated from 100 million willing or unwilling owners, give or take?


  1. Molon Labe. Period. I will not obey the new Oregon law just passed. Come get me. Is there such thing as head armor? Apparently a cop in Texas knew there wasn't. Fuk Barry, the Democrat/commies, and fuk the SCOTUS if they try that shit.