Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Communist Art Acevedo Kills Constitutional Carry In Texas

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Texas Tribune:
Texas police chiefs are urging Gov. Greg Abbott to veto legislation repealing certain handgun restrictions in Texas if lawmakers do not remove a controversial provision the chiefs fear would allow criminals to carry firearms without repercussions.
If the provision stays on the bill, the only responsible thing for Abbott to do would be to veto it, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said at an impromptu news conference organized as the legislation faces what could be a final vote in the House on Wednesday. “You can’t be the party of law and order and not listen to your police chiefs,” he said.
Flanked by about a dozen law enforcement leaders from around the state, Acevedo said Wednesday that the legislation would “handcuff” police officers, endangering both them and the communities they protect.
“The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”  Art Acevedo is a communist and liar.  He knows that other traditional open carry states like North Carolina (where simply openly carrying a gun does not constitute legitimate reason for a stop) don’t have the problems he says will come from constitutional carry in Texas.


  1. According to this article the open carry went thru without problem and awaiting
    Gov. Abbott to sign which seems to be pretty positive.

    1. That's great and is more recent than the one I posted. Thanks.

  2. Art is a buffoon. He is a showboat commie liberal. There is a hope that with this new city council they will reighn him in. Our new commie mauor Adler is not a bog fan of Acevedo so I've been told. APD has shot quite a few blacks and that does not sit well with Adler.