Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Supplemental To Waco II




  1. Actually, that looks nothing like a classic military ambush, "as refined in Iraq". It looks more like classic OK corral style shootout with all the chumps in the middle and the marshals around the outside. A REAL military style ambush would have had MUCH higher casualties. About 90% hits and 50% fatalities. A military ambush would not have non-combatants downrange of the kill zone, where this obviously does. This also clearly shows friendlies inside the kill zone. A kill zone is not a circle, it is an area defined by the beaten path of the highest volume of fire. Normally a large long oval. There is no final protective line with automatic weapons fire that the people inside the kill zone should have to cross, (thus killing themselves). There is no security element to prevent reinforcements from arriving.

    I know the overmilitarization of the police is a common theme on the internet but get some historical perspective on this stuff. There is nothing especially "military" about this that we didn't also see in the Bonny and Clyde ambush and these others from top ten police shootouts.


    Having an AR-15 doesn't make you "military". Having military surplus vehicles doesn't makew you "military". Having former military people working for you doesn't make you "military".

    Most likely. Police overreacted to a situation they thought was going to get out of hand. that is always the danger of calling the police.

    1. I'm sure he didn't expect it to be published in a FM, just making a point.

    2. I agree. But his point was based on deceptions (his) because the evidence he presented did not make his point. So he simply made claims and expected everyone to believe him.