Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fighting in the ranks of the Peshmerga.


Going old school with this MG 42 machinegun, who earned the nickname 'Hitler's buzzsaw' during the second world war. The MG 42 is famous for many reasons, one if them is its high rate of fire, with up to 1,500 rounds per minute. This particular machinegun is modified to take NATO rounds instead of the original rounds, a so called MG 42/59. It's a rare weapon and the guys here are not used to it, so I'll be taking care if this baby from now on. I have experience with the MG 3 from back home, wich is basicly a newer version of the MG 42.

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  1. Mr Brock, I want one of these, I don't know how rugged or reliable it is, but being German I would think it is up there, it is just an elegant weapon, sleek and at 1500RPM, it would get some job done...

    1. Maybe he'll bring us two back! :) Me want too.

  2. Really not a good base of fire weapon. They eat ammo like a fat girl getting free popcorn, They get hot FAST and need that barrel changed frequently. Did I mention how fast they burn thru ammo? In the German army they had one gunner, one "A" gunner and twelve ammo bearers PER GUN. They are prone to jam if they get dusty and in WW2 in Russia they were used in twos , so that when one jammed the other could take up the slack. I could think of MANY other weapon I'd rather carry if I had to haul a pig than the "42" . They really are the "ar-15" of the MG world . Over priced and over rated. Except for the Mauser rifle,WW2 Kraut weapons were not half as good as ours or the Russians.----Ray