Tuesday, June 2, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: First Interview With Bikers Involved in Twin Peaks Shooting

Via The Last Refuge

KCEN got an exclusive interview with the first bikers to speak publicly after the Twin Peaks shooting, capturing the moments right after their release from jail after being arrested for the May 17th shooting that left nine bikers dead and 18 more injured.

Waco Police had said the 170-plus bikers arrested were part of criminal motorcycle gangs.
However, William English, 33, and Morgan English, 30, say otherwise, and that they had come to the sports bar for a friendly meeting between motorcycle clubs, and they weren't even inside the restaurant when the brawl broke out.

The husband and wife from Brenham who celebrate their four year anniversary in September, have never spent more than a few days apart, but were forced to spend 16 of them away from each other, and away from the world.

"He's my rock, he's my everything and not having him there was so hard," said Morgan English, suspect and biker wife arrested in the Twin Peaks shooting.

Strength is the only good thing the English's say has come out of their time in jail.

"This whole thing is a sham," said William English, suspect and member of the Distorted Motorcycle Club. "I'm kind of upset that we had to pay to get out of jail when we did nothing wrong."

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  1. Waco's TML payments are going up soon. Not to mention property and sales taxes. It will be a good town to move away from.