Saturday, June 27, 2015

It DIDN'T take the Marxists Long to Change the Narrative- DID IT ?

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Dear Patriots:

  I will try to be very brief in my commentary:

1)      Blacks killing blacks in most major cities across America APPARENTLY do NOT rise to the SAME LEVEL as 1 madman killing 9 in a church do.

2)      In less than a week, the entire focus has suddenly SHIFTED to our Confederate Flag as being responsible for what occurred in Charleston and being the cause for the rest of the Country’s woes.

3)      Funny how the DemonCRAP Party, with an election coming, has again REVERSED things and raised their clarion banner of Racism once again….this time, but not surprisingly, using our Flag to STOMP on as an excuse to cure the nation’s problems which THEY CREATED!

4)      Running right alongside them is their black constituents in the NAACP.  Their actions, combined with their white counter-parts in State & National government, are the reasons for the conditions affecting EVERYONE today- particularly in the black communities.

5)      Strange how quickly they have mustered petitions and the like to BAN our Confederate Flag once and for all EVERYWHERE as the ‘cure-all’ for what 1 man did in Charleston. They wasted NO time!

6)      Again, what about ALL THE KILLINGS in Chicago- Obama’s home town and ELSEWHERE- & NOT a word spoken about that?

 Need I go on? The Political Narrative associated with their Marxist intentions is staring y’all right in the face.

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  1. Just remember- that these mass killings do NOT happen anywhere else in modern society...

    "attack on a luxury hotel in a Tunisian beach resort that killed at least 38 people, some of them sunbathers on the beach,"