Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Long Before You Resist?

Via III Percent Patriots

I have been waiting a long time for people in this community to decide that enough is enough and contact me with plans to do something in the face of the continual abuses of the federal government. I don't know what it takes to motivate resistance. We are witnessing the absolute destruction of our society and I know there are those out there who deplore the changes taking place in our society, but none who are motivated to act.

I know there are those who are thinking locally and who are developing strong communication systems, who are busy building the skills of their tribe. And while that is absolutely commendable and to be honest, one of the systems upon which I will rely when the SHTF, there needs to be more.  There needs to be an actual resistance, an actual leader who is willing to stand up, with the weight of those dedicated to liberty and confront the actions being taken in our name.


  1. How many died of old age before Lexington green and the yoke of tyranny was (forcefully) lifted from our necks?

  2. This guy is brain damaged if he think that "Patriots" should tell him (or anyone) their resistance plans. " A secret known to more than one person is not secret" (Ben. Franklin) . To put your plans on the web; discuss them over the phone; the net; or wright them down is beyond stupid. Here are a few rules of survival: Anyone who asks you to commit a felony is a federal agent or CI. NEVER have any further contact with them. Anyone who says that they are a "Leader" and asks you to "share your plan" is a fed or an idiot. NEVER have any further contact with them OR ANY of their "followers". NEVER allow anyone you have not known for the last twenty years to become part of your survival cell. Infiltration is the # 1 FBI tactic. ANYONE fishing for information on your or anyone in your group or there activities must be considered an idiot , an FBI infiltrator or a federal agent. DUMP THEM ON THE SPOT AND BAN THEM. ANYONE who uses an alias (or twelve) , has been in prison, runs "scams" as a way of life, is habitually involved in legal trouble, try's to sway you and everyone else in the room that THEY are the smartest / baddest / sneakiest / deadliest SOB in the room, well; That guy is a federal covert informant or soon will be upon the next (and there WILL always be a next) arrest. Use the common sense God gave. Trust NO ONE and you too can survive the underground. REMEMBER that what Christian Mercenary is advocating is the very same thing that destroyed the militias in the '90's. FBI infiltration. ANYONE that want's a "leader" is automatically WRONG for the simple reason that what they want is your death or imprisonment. Right now the feds don't know who we are, where we are , or how we make plans. THAT is the #1 benefit of "leaderless resistance" . Lets keep it that way.---Ray "NEVER trust anyone you haven't known for 20 years--they might be a cop" (Hunter S. Thompson)

    1. T.L. MIGHT not, BUT; The militia's in the '90's were rendered ineffective by FBI infiltration of 96% (FBI statistic) of all "right wing" groups. "Leader" "network" and "coordination" are ALL buzz words for FBI sting operation's . The ONLY thing's "organization" and "communication" bring to the table are government control and prison cells. Remember that the FBI has been doing this(planting infiltrators) since the 1930's and they are VERY good at it. The only way to stop the federal spy network is not to let it in. ANYTHING other than "leaderless resistance" is suicide.---Ray

    2. So, the answer is to talk to no one, discuss nothing and rot away in your hole? Well, we have been doing that as a community through the Patriot Act, through Obamacare, through the NSA spying, through a thousand different events that have trampled our rights, but still stand down, speak not, hide and be well? I can spot a fed from a mile away and have turned my back on a few in this community. I am not asking for anyone's plans, or to lead anything. You intentionally misunderstand what I have written and sound very much like a fed yourself. There is a way to provide resistance without the commission of felonies, but not without force. You ignore several such resistance movements in the past few decades. I appreciate your comments, but they are destructive to action of any kind, preferring paranoia instead of common sense.

  3. To start there needs to be a structure as in an organized community living and working in close proximity. People spread out and typing on the internet placing hope that the guy on the other keyboard is going to run to his "rescue" might need to take the advice of the poster above and "use the common sense God give."

    PATCON, training with Max or others is a great way to meet but unless and until enough are willing to move, organize, and even run for office we shall all hang separately, if we are not shot on the spot when we become the next nail to hammer.

    I read in a blog that when they come for you it is decision time. If you family is close you must consider their safety when making the decision. Maybe you roll the dice and let them haul you and your family off after being having your rights abused and guns shoved in the face of your wife and kids while some doughnut eating thug with a badge shoves you face first into the ground and then placing his weight on the knee in your back or on your head but at least you and they will have some chance at making it through to "fight another day."

    Of course there is the other option, if you have time, gear up and go to war. As the bloger posted, if you choose that direction fight on until you die.

    I don't mean this to be anything other than realistic so don't go all weepy on me but each choice carries a cost and benefit. Weigh them carefully and may God guide your path and bless your efforts whatever they may be in the cause of liberty.