Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stop the Renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway

Via Nancy

I simply cannot sit back any longer and do or say nothing about what is happening in this country. Because of one person whom decided to commit a horrendous act of violence, flags are being removed and banned, statues are in jeopardy to be taken down, highways renamed and even the unspeakable act of moving the remains of Confederate Leaders.

This is an outrage and totally unacceptable!

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  1. Hi Brock,
    This whole trip is gettin' outa' hand!! "History!!!" not just statues, Flags and other relics are being destroyed! It's about History! The History that is "Truth!!' "They" can destroy a Flag or a stone statue but they can't destroy "Truth!!" In the immortal words of Jefferson B. Davis (03June1808-1889),"Truth crushed to the earth is still Truth still and like a seed will rise again!"
    'Kinda' reminds me of the "Salem Witch trials" of back when!! How many Witches got hanged before it came to a stop?? As I recall reading it had something of the "Rope" making it's way towards the Governor's Wife when someone called,"Enough!!!!" ....And we thought "Witch Trials" were a thing of the "Past!!" Hahahahahahha!!! ROTFLMAO2X!!!!!!!!!
    Got Gunz........OUTLAW??!!!,

    1. We still have means of defense fortunately, because the commies were willing to kill 25,000,000 in the early eighties and I imagine they would kill any number today to bring their utopia into existence.

    2. Didn't Bill Ayers say exactly that?

    3. I don't remember, but here is the video and I should post it again. Thanks.