Wednesday, July 15, 2015

“Diversity is #White Genocide” billboard goes up in Arkansas

Via comment by Anonymous on Is the Civil War (sic) Over?


On July 13th, a billboard went up in Arkansas, on Highway 412 at the junction of Highway 65 near South Bellefonte.

The billboard, which reads “Diversity is a code word #White Genocide“, has not yet had a response from media, but there have been similar billboards in the past which caused a media frenzy.

Like previous billboards, the owner remains anonymous,but it is linked to the site


  1. It is White Genocide and it's called brainwashing. One of my sisters daughters
    teaches at a private school outside of Macon, Georgia. Her class was 'required'
    to go on a field trip to the black museum in Macon, Georgia called Tubman African
    American Museum which gave sermons on slavery and White people and the
    accomplishments of Blacks. It was all ficitious Black history. Example:
    Here are the first six items on the list of Black inventions: the pyramids, paper, chess, alphabet, medicine and civilization. And then add doorknob, the mop,
    the curtain rod, peanut butter and the helicopter.

    With the exception of peanut butter, which is generally credited to Black agricultural technician George Washington Carver, this list is so fantastic that most of us get a good chuckle when we read it. But not kids. They have no choice but to believe
    unless they have intelligent parents to set them straight.

    1. As I've mentioned before there are few private schools these days that are worth their salt, so in this case, you should homeschool. The one we used:

  2. Thanks. I guess you and Dixie are off to Ocracoke tomorrow. Have fun and be

    1. Lord willin' and the creek don't riz! :) Thanks.