Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ol' Remus: "Nothing could be finer than........."



DC has lately taken it upon itself to decide the legitimacy of its critics and act upon its verdicts without review or constraint, its decisions preferably validated by over-the-top simulated contrition bullied from its prey. But the larger part of the citizenry is not about to accept serial humiliation at the hands of self-declared lords, nor shall they accept alleged illegitimacy in their own homeland, nor are they to be deflected by DC's choking off avenues of redress for all but their loyal cadre. This is a 'space station view' of America today.

To use a current example, DC has summarily declared Southern heritage to be illegitimate; in fact, the region in its entirety has been reseated below the salt. Do they suppose this will be accepted, do they expect abject capitulation at some future hour? Or is it more reasonable to suppose they've created another hostile outlier seething with resentment and looking for payback?

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