Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Black Lives Matter Leader: “All Lives Matter” Is a Violent Statement

 Via Billy

Last week Hillary Clinton met with members of the Black Lives Matter movement in New Hampshire after she locked them out of her event.

The awkward exchange was caught on video.

Today Wolf Blitzer interviewed the #BlackLivesMatter grievance activists on CNN.
The far left activists were disappointed with the meeting.

Julius Jones, a lead Black Lives Matter protester, said saying,


  1. Well, that black racist (MF'er) had better get used to it.

  2. Either these idiots think they have gained some sort of unassailable political momentum with the whole Charleston church shooting thing or they think they are going to be consigned to oblivion once Obama leaves office. Either way they seem to be determined to demonstrate the very reason why a lot of people have no respect for them. They haven't the first lick of common sense.

    1. They haven't the first lick of common sense.

      Seems so, but I imagine they have been instructed what to say by their commie handlers.

    2. Yea, just like South Africa.

    3. Yup what shame has befallen that country.

  3. Hag Hillary locked them out after what happened to Bernie Sanders who just
    stood there like a buffoon.