Sunday, August 9, 2015

Confederate holidays booted from state calendar

Via Billy

Confederate Memorial Day has been struck from Georgia’s official 2016 state holiday calendar. So has Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

Both have quietly been replaced with the more neutral term “state holiday.”

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  1. I have a calendar I made for next year that will be hanging in my kitchen. I removed mlk day and not only placed Robert E. Lee's Birthday on it instead, but also put a nice portrait of him on the day too. I've been studying him for a while and I put him in the top 5 list of people I would love to meet. I have also been teaching my young children about him & "Stonewall" Jackson. My son in particular has shown great interest in their military achievements, much to the dismay of his teachers, oh well. From a lifelong Yankee............Long live The South!!!!!