Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Missouri Rep.: “Take Out” Oath Keepers in Ferguson

Via Iver

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The corporate media is determined to portray Oath Keepers and others in Ferguson, Missouri who are helping residents and business owners protect their property as racist outside “instigators.”
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district, went on MSNBC this morning and characterized people helping protect property from looting as criminal instigators who have to be “taken out.”

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  1. Obviously property owners are racist for not wanting the ferals to destroy their property with impunity. I mean...slavery...come on. We owe it to them.

  2. We really should just let it burn. Then keep them there. With OK snipers backed up by masses of people. Cops don't like it? Let them enter and stay with their darkies buddies.

  3. Picture you used says it all....

    1. Yes, she doesn't seemed concerned about the "white, heavily armed" guy. :)