Friday, November 27, 2015

Homeless Man Dies After Months in Coma From Savage Black Mob Beating at Philly Gas Station

Via Billy

Robert Barnes Attack Twitter

Robert Barnes, 51, died on Wednesday after being in a coma since an April 7 beating by a mob of Black people who attacked him at a Philadelphia area gas station with a hammer, a chair leg, mace and stomped on his head with their feet.

Barnes was homeless. His sister Diane told the Philadelphia Inquirer her brother was not a veteran, contrary to other reports.

The Gateway Pundit reported in April on the attack on Barnes.


  1. Why are these people still breathing? Public hanging, with live coverage on every station.

    It won't stop it all, but boy, will it make a dent in it.

    Might take a few more to get the message across, but you can legislate morality.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Public hanging, with live coverage on every station.

      A start.

  2. Another travesty. Goes on and on. This young man, thank God, was not another
    savage statistic: Bronson would be proud:

    1. Great find. Thanks.