Friday, November 27, 2015

It Is Now Law, The CMP Will Sell 1911s To The Public

Via Michael


On November 25th, 2015, President Barack Obama has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016, included in which is a provision for the Civilian Marksmanship to sell 1911 handguns to the United States shooting public. The bill includes Section 1087, which allows the transfer of handguns from the United States Army to the Civilian Marksmanship program, and the subsequent distribution of those handguns to members of CMP-affiliated clubs:


  1. Anybody who has been a citizen for life, and wants one, should have their name entered into a database for a free drawing. They already belong to us, anyways. Might be the only way some people would be able to have a decent weapon.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. I'm guessing maybe somewhere between $500 to $1200+, depending on condition?

      Whatever they charge, these being genuine surplus 1911's, I doubt they'll lack for buyers. :)

      Central Alabamaian

  2. Wonder when they'll start selling them? I was a pistol Instructor for ROTC when I was in the Army (62-65) with the First Infantry Div. I live about 30 mins. from Camp Perry Ohio where there is a CMP. I'll be first in line.