Friday, November 27, 2015

The Soliders Who Died Under The Confederate Flag Were Americans Who Loved Their Country........Not Their Government

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  1. The same with these vets too. They too thought they were fighting for their country;
    FREEDOM. Now, there is nothing for them yet plenty for parasites: You get it.
    Sad sight.

  2. Something worth having is something worth dying for.

    That's why the poor man fought for the Confederacy.

    Not for slavery, but for Freedom!

    Central Alabamaian

  3. Being a life long northerner, and a product of government education from grade school through state university, I was taught to believe that the war was singularly over slavery. Having believed what was being disseminated, I in turn was lead to believe that the South had deserved everything it received because of this "evil institution". The longer I look at the evidence before me, I am increasingly convinced I have been "rooting for the wrong side".
    I abhor the institution of slavery, it needed abolished. But the shackles taken off the black man were fitted on the rest of the nation as the central government began its work of enslaving us all, one lost freedom at a time.
    Mea culpa from north of the Mason Dixon line.