Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Tea Party Traitors Come out of the Woodwork to Support No-Show Rubio

Via Terry


I was one of those fooled by Senator Marco “No-Show” Rubio.

I went to Tea Party meetings, gave him money, supported him locally, and encouraged friends, business acquaintances, and family to vote for him. What was our first payback?

That’s right, he joined up with the Gang of 8 where they in turn attempted to back door an amnesty for anyone who is in our country or wanted to show up and thus destroy our sovereignty as a nation.

No-Show Rubio did not apologize and in fact when he campaigned for the bill in Florida, he did not do so in English; he only appeared on Spanish language radio stations in the state and has never repeated what he said on the air there in English. Those interviews will come back to destroy his Presidential run if he survives past the Florida primary in March.

But did Marco No-Show Rubio stop there?

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