Wednesday, January 20, 2016

VIDEO: Stacey Dash Destroys “White Oscar” Boycott In 1 Minute

Via Billy

There has been something of an uproar recently by a handful of black actors and directors regarding their view that the recently announced Academy Awards nominations were, for the second year in a row, “too white.”

Several of these race-baiters have vowed to boycott the Oscars ceremony because they believe that blacks in the entertainment industry aren’t receiving the same recognition as whites.

But black actress-turned-conservative political and social commentator Stacey Dash is not among those who will be boycotting, and she addressed the absurdity of the planned boycott during a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends.”


  1. Do we have the wec ? White ent. Channel? White history month? If some folks dont get picked its a race thing?