Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Confederate Memorial Day Montgomery, Alabama 2016

This was sent to me by a very good friend who is big into Confederate history and preservation. This is an account of incident that occurred today at a Confederate Memorial Day gathering in Montgomery, Alabama. I doubt we'll see this on the MSM.



I send this report of an incident that occurred at the State Capitol Confederate monument this morning.

I'd say over a hundred people gathered for the annual observance. The reenactor contingent consisted of a Confederate makeshift Color Guard to post the Colors, and four men from Semple's Alabama Battery (plus myself). For the past several years I have taken it upon myself to have the CMP cannon on hand for the salutes because there is never any infantry to speak of to fire the salutes at the end of the program. Two or three men (God bless them for participating) firing assorted long arms is weak at best. A weekday is not an easy time for most folks to get off work and even a state holiday on a Monday is not a good day for such things I know, but it is after all, only once a year.

Anyway, the ceremony went on as usual with speakers and music and flags everywhere, including the four flags Bentley had ordered taken down... These flags, privately owned (by the men who privately purchased them in the first place) flying just for the ceremony on small flagpoles at the corners of the monument where they had once flown on 30' turn of the century style flagpoles.

During the part of the ceremony set aside for a microphone handed around for anyone in the crowd to proudly proclaim his or her ancestor and his Unit, the disruption began. Five or six protesters, all black, dressed in black, two males and three or four heavy set females marched on the north side of the monument chanting something about "freedom" and holding signs saying "Down with the Klan" (no argument here) and "Confederate terrorists" (give me a break), etc. As they turned the corner of the monument the lead woman spat upon the corner flag; then she spat upon the monument! In a raised voice I asked her if that made her feel good. She ignored me. A white lady was asking God to forgive them, "for they know not what they do" to which one black terrorist was mouthing back to her in a language that wasn't English.That's when I noticed she was carrying an automatic pistol open carry style, So was at least one other woman protest or I observed. Then the rear of their column was brought up by a fat black man wearing a bandoleer of shotgun shells and holding a full size pump shotgun at the ready! Several people started calling 911 (There were NO police on hand for our ceremony, not even Capitol Police to my knowledge; Where were they?). These terrorists then turned abruptly around and started marching back where they came from and down the Capitol grounds hill to the sidewalk, yelling and chanting all the while, being closely followed by a number of us who were glad to see them go but weary of what might happen next.

Finally, after about 20 minutes the police showed up. Someone said the delayed response was due to a hostage situation going on in another part of town. So Montgomery can only deal with one situation at a time? Anyway, when the police finally arrived they arrived in full force. I counted at least 13 cops but I'm sure there were more; some were City Police; some were Capitol Police; and some were State Troopers. They took the shotgun away from the black terrorist and arrested him (About half the officers were black, and from what I observed they did their jobs and were very professional about it), but allowed the other pistol packin' terrorists to keep their sidearms. I heard the "spitter" tell the two arresting officers, who were black, that "y'all should let the white cops do this dirty work." They arrested a white man too. He was a motorcyclist with bandanna, etc. I don't know why they arrested him. He seemed to be doing nothing wrong that I could tell.

Meanwhile we finished the ceremony, complete with our cannon firing three loud salutes; and then Taps played but it was not to think about what had just taken place.

I saw no TV cameras (They rarely cover us anymore like they used to... but bet they will be there next year in force!). I saw a few men with professional cameras but they could be private photographers for all I know. I did see one reporter from the Montgomery Independent who was there. I hope he was there for the disturbance because I know him to be a straight shooter (which is why his paper is "independent" and not part of the Propaganda Ministry.

I tell you all this to ask you to stand up for our ancestors because it seems to me that the PC crowd has now ramped up to become the terrorist crowd. This to me is the inevitable result of lo these many years of not bad research; not lack of research; but DELIBERATE distortion of all our country's history, in order to pursue contemporary agendas and in the process destroy our country... which may be part of the agenda, I'm just sayin'...

Accordingly, I ask you to join us next year at the State Capitol at the Confederate monument IN FORCE for Confederate Memorial Day. I don' t know about you but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired...



Nehemiah 4:14


  1. Hi Brock,
    Thanks for the post. It is now almost May and the beginning of June is the birthday of Jefferson B. Davis. The 3rd of June that is (My birthday also!!..small side note!). I recall going back to my younger years that besides being the birthday of Jefferson B. Davis it was also noted as a "Confederate Memorial Day!!"
    'Love the photo of the assemblage!! Right On!! With the weather warming up the "Flags will Fly!!!!!" I sport mine whenever I can...
    I have a yacht pennant size Confederate Jack Battle flag that I trail behind me under Canopy when I Skydive!!! So far no one has given me any flack....Yet.
    Also, if your state does not require a license plate on the front of your vehicle (like California) then by all means fly a "Confederate Flag plate!!!! I Do!! Back when I lived in Sampson County, me and every red blooded, red neck, God-Fearin', grits an' biscuits raised, whiskey drinkin', gun totin', honor yer elders, Southern by the Grace of God, Pick-up driven' person (both men and women) had a Confederate Flag plate on the front of their Truck!!
    Got Confederate Flags....OUTLAW!!!

    1. Yes, indeed and all the truckers had them over their grills.

  2. I have been saying for many many years that the South had the right to leave the Union. The Union is a contract. The North had broken the contract. But I am also happy that the South is a part of the USA. But that is no reason to de-legitimize the South.