Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grant Gets the Votes


It is no surprise to Civil War students that Ulysses Grant’s reputation has soared over the last fifty years. During the past twenty years nearly all of his biographies have been favorable. They typically ignore, minimize, or deny his failings. Examples include those of Jean Smith, H. W. Brands, and Joan Waugh. Two more will apparently join the group later this year. One from Ron Chernow, who wrote the biography upon which the hit Broadway show Hamilton is based and the second will be Ronald White’s American Ulysses. 

Nonetheless, several lesser-known authors have recently provided analyses that question Grant’s lofty reputation. They might persuade a venerable reader that Grant’s reputation, once too low, is presently too high. But a reader who first studied Grant in the past twenty-five years will be shocked and might infer that Grant’s reputation should be dropped to a new low.


  1. It is well known some of the problems corruption in of Grants cabinet. You must be talking about newer information. The facts of corruption in his administration were a regular part of American history courses in high school.

  2. I do hold Grant in high regard, while at the same time acknowledging his faults and short comings. How we view Grant, (as well as others from the past) may speak more about ourselves than of them. Of course Grant looks that great, when compared against the Presidents of my life time (I was born in 1955), I have zero respect for any of them. Nor do I trust the current gaggle of historical scribblers, who come out the same over priced group think tanks of propaganda, called universities. Grant will still be remembered, long after all of his detractors and critics are dead.

    Not sorry here, but I have to say it. The greatest American in the past 200 years is and always will be Gen. Robert E Lee. He is what every American male should hold himself against. If you want to be a badass and a Christian gentleman at the exact same time, here is your standard.

    1. Well, I'll take Grant over Sherman. :) Thanks.


      If you want to be a badass and a Christian gentleman at the exact same time, here is your standard.

      That's a good way to put it. Hadn't thought of that per se.

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