Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Disgraced Ex-Mizzou Prof Claims She Was Fired for BEING A WHITE WOMAN (Too ugly to look at.......?)

Via Billy

Melissa Click PT

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.................:)

Melissa Click is he former University of Missouri professor who famously called for some muscle to help her oust a student journalist from the campus protests of last fall.

She was ultimately fired but she’s now claiming it was because she’s a white woman.

<a href="http://cdn.firstimpression.io/delivery/ck.php?oaparams=2__bannerid=3647__zoneid=99782__cb=bbdb7e477b__oadest=http%3A%2F%2Fus-ads.openx.net%2Fw%2F1.0%2Frc%3Fcs%3DfiInstance_99782_0_314439_iframe%26cb%3Dbbdb7e477b%26c.zoneid%3DfiInstance_99782_0_314439%26r0%3Dhttp://cdn.firstimpression.io/delivery/ck.php?oaparams=2__bannerid=3647__zoneid=99782__cb=bbdb7e477b__oadest=" target="_blank"><img src="http://us-ads.openx.net/w/1.0/ai?auid=538183511&cs=fiInstance_99782_0_314439_iframe&cb=bbdb7e477b" border="0" alt=""></a&gShe was ultimately fired but she’s now claiming it was because she’s a white womThe Chronicle of Higher Education reported:More @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. She is not White. She falls under the Civil Rights Act as
    a minority.

  2. It looks like one SJW id no longer that White privilege exists.

  3. Poster child here proving once again that liberals are NOT adults, in that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions and conduct. It is never their fault, some one else is always to blame. And like a child, they always have an excuse. Nor will she ever admit that she was wrong.