Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"They Fought Like Demons" (Confederate Female Soldiers)

Repost Nam South FNC "They Fought Like Demons" Confederate Women Soldiers

In a letter dated June 3, 1864, Robert Ardry of the 111TH Illinois. Inf. Co. B wrote concerning a battle that had taken place on May 26.

"They fought like demons and we cut them down like dogs.....I saw 3 or 4 rebel women soldiers in the heap of bodies....All had been shot down during the final rebel charge upon our works. One Secesh woman charged to within several rods of our works waving the traitor flag and screaming vulgarities at us. She was shot three times but still on she came. She was finally killed by two shots fired almost simultaneously by our boys. Another She-Devil shot her way to our breastworks with two large revolvers dealing death all in her path... she pulled out the largest pig-sticker I ever seen...When the Corporal tried to shoot her she kicked him in the face smashing it quite severely. Then she stabbed three boys and was about to decapitate a fourth when the Lieutenant killed her. Without doubt this gal inflicted more damage to our line than any other reb.

If Gen. Lee were to field a brigade of such fighters, I think that the Union prospects would be very gloomy indeed for it would be hard to equal their ferocity and pluck. 


"A Woman's War: Southern Women, Civil War, and the Confederate Legacy to accompany an exhibition organized by the Museum of the Confederacy on the occasion of its centennial"- Campbell, D. C. and Kym Rice Ed.- Charlottesville, VA: The University Press of Virginia, © 1996 pp. 92-93 Robert Ardry letter

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