Saturday, August 27, 2016

Florida Mason Dixon Poll: Authentic Trump 44%, Inauthentic Clinton 30% With Independent Voters…

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A non-media poll by Mason Dixon of central Florida Voters (I-4 Corridor) finds Donald Trump leading overall: 46% Trump to 42% for Clinton.

More interestingly, and many would say more importantly, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton by 14 points with independent voters:  Trump 44%, Clinton 30%

This tracks with the previous outline we shared discussing voter registration, voter intent, voter engagement, and voter analysis within Florida.  All of the previous factors, without media spin, show Donald Trump positioned to crush Hillary Clinton in Florida.

The Mason Dixon poll is especially valuable when you consider the strategic demographics of the area.  Central Florida is a high concentration of Latino and Hispanic voters.  If Trump wins the I-4 corridor (Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Daytona), most likely, Clinton can only hope to carry Dade County (same demo won by Rubio in the primary).

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