Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bryan: Those distinctive VMI types

Via Sister Anne "For those who knew him & for those who did not----- this was Billy."

My brother-in-law, Billy at VMI. He graduated without a single demerit as did Robert E. Lee from West Point. 


Those distinctive VMI types

People are occasionally surprised when I tell them that I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute.

I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult when they say I don’t seem to be the “VMI type.”

What is the VMI type? Is it represented by Gen. George C. Marshall, VMI class of 1901, the only professional soldier to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Does Jonathan Daniels, class of 1961, who was killed in 1965 saving the life of a fellow civil rights worker in Alabama, fit the profile? What about Gen. John Jumper, class of ’66, former chief of staff of the Air Force and now a Fortune 500 corporate chief executive? Does police officer Richard Donohue, class of 2002, who suffered a near-fatal wound during a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects last year?

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