Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Necessity for Extreme Vetting

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 The Necessity for Extreme Vetting

“I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations through me.”
—The Prophet Muhammad as quoted in Sahih Muslim Hadith (001,0031).

This single hadith is by no means the only support for the doctrines of Islamic Supremacy and Jihad, but it is one of the most powerful and precise.

In addition to the Koran, the Hadith(s) (the sayings of Muhammad) and the Sira (the acts of Muhammad) are the highly revered doctrinal standards of Islam. The Hadith(s) and Sira together are called “the Sunna.” In Islam, when a teaching is called “Sunna,” it carries the infallible authority of Muhammad. Every rule of Islamic Law (Sharia) is derived from the Koran or the Sunna. Thus Sharia Law carries the infallible authority of the Koran and Sunna as divine revelation. Sharia Law governs every aspect of the Muslim life—religion, civil law, criminal law, war, friends, marriage, sex, food, clothing, manners, social and cultural traditions, everything. Sharia Law is not subject to amendment or revision. Even criticism of Sharia Law is subject to the death penalty.

There are 109 war verses in the Koran alone, and according to an analysis by Dr. Bill Warner on his website, 31 percent of the combined doctrinal texts of the Koran and Sunna are about Jihad. Only a tiny percentage of these Jihad verses are about “spiritual struggle,”

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