Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Was Terence Crutcher On PCP?

Via comment by Sioux on Hillary Clinton Trashes Tulsa, Charlotte Police af...


The latest gentle giant was apparently gently on PCP. Remember that, supposedly, damning line,
Two 911 calls described an SUV that had been abandoned in the middle of the road. One unidentified caller said the driver was acting strangely, adding, "I think he's smoking something."
Or the other one.

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  1. Another classic example of holding your public comments until all the facts are known - Tulsa Police Chief and Donald Trump, etc, talking to you.

    1. Thanks and a commenter on my post at another site stated: "You don't have to have a gun to be dangerous on PCP."

  2. People have gotten their faces eaten off by people on this kind of stuff. NYPD Chief Tom Selleck always handled these kind of situations in an exemplary manner (Blue Bloods) - we must get the facts first before I will comment.

    What's going on in Charlotte? I can't imagine being a long haul truck driver, especially a female, and not be armed. This looks like Soros in action.

    1. looks like Soros in action.

      I am sure sweetie. Trying to get the black vote to turn out especially after the inroads Trump has made with them. Soros = Evil Personified.