Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Won’t You Believe Me When I Say I Want to Kill You?

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There were six global Islamic jihad attacks in Israel over the weekend, a knife attack in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and a bombing attack in the city of New York, with other bombs found in New York and New Jersey, and yet the elites in the media and the government who hold authority over us insist on covering up the truth and doing everything in their power not to admit that we’re at war with the global jihad.

Of course, those in charge waste no time coming on the “news” to spew platitudes at us such as “if you see something, say something”; “this has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism”; and my personal favorite, “be vigilant.”

They also hammered Trump for calling the bomb a bomb. Like that’s a bad thing. This is how Orwellian this is becoming. Our fearless leaders, with the absolute cooperation of our mainstream media, hope that by using extreme gaslighting and Orwellian mind-bending techniques on us, we will become so confused with cognitive dissonance that we’ll accept their narrative without complaint.

Their goal is to send us back into our slumber, so that we ignore the global Islamic jihad that is confronting us on a daily basis.

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