Monday, November 14, 2016

Supping with Norman Lear


Editor’s note: Norman Lear’s People for the American Way recently made a lot of noise about Donald Trump’s “hate speech.” Not much has changed in twenty years. This piece was originally published in in First Quarter, 1995 issue of Southern Partisan magazine.

The Associated Press reports that 17 groups, all combatants in the “culture war,” have come together and agreed on a set of rules to follow in the struggle for the soul of the nation. The groups, according to the AP, include everyone “from the con­servative Christian Coalition to the liberal People for the American Way;” and they have “pledged to work to solve dis­putes before they become law­suits, improve communication and respect each other’s posi­tions.”

A spokesman for the National Association of Evangelicals was quoted as saying, “This is not easy.

But it is a first step.”

A first step toward what? This could have been a line from Faust.


  1. For me, learning evolutionary theory was a huge shock. It totally disrupts our moral system, but most seem just fine with it...

    And strangely it's just believed that our genetics drive us to want to do good, meaning we're taught the liberal idea that "man is naturally good". That's total BS.

    The schools are such now that secularists fear religious parents will teach their children to believe in God. They actually fear it. Their view is if all the world is enlightened with the truth of secular evolution, we'll then have some sort of paradise arise.

    The truth is, staring into that abyss makes one desire faith and tradition.

    1. The truth is, staring into that abyss makes one desire faith and tradition.