Monday, November 14, 2016

Why President Trump Will Fumigate The Fed

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Starting in January, President-elect Donald Trump will have a unique opportunity to pack the Federal Reserve with hard money officials.

There are currently two open Board of Governors seats, which will most likely not be filled before the end of President Obama’s tenure. Additionally, both Chair Janet Yellen and Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer’s terms will be up by 2018. Crunch the numbers and you will see that Trump has the opportunity to replace a majority of the Board of Governors and a third of the FOMC with monetary policy hawks during his presidency.

Call me crazy, but assuming that the Republican-controlled House and Senate stands behind him, I believe that Trump just may shock the financial world by shifting this country’s monetary policy in a more hawkish direction.

Yes, this is a guy that cheered on the Fed’s easy-money policies in the years before the Great Recession. And yes, Trump did say in May that he is still a “low interest rate person” who will appoint another dove to head the Federal Reserve. Why in the world, then, am I arguing that the Trump administration might possibly install more hawkish members to the central bank?

Repeated Anti-Fed Campaign Rhetoric

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  1. The reason the American people voted for Trump was to get
    rid of the parasites whom have been sucking this country
    dry and creating unrest with the rest of the world. Looks
    like a lot of the same. Suppose to be the New America,
    reborn. Same old, same old:

    1. A warning is certainly useful and Ron Paul should have been president these last 8 years, but I think Trump is too smart to fail in this aspect and I believe he can/will control others who seem marginal. He is even considering Romney's niece for a position. We'll have to see if these overtures pay off, but they certainly may as he made fools of the neocons who were forced to congratulate him on election day and hopefully this will remake the Republican party without having to start a third one.

    2. Already these mayors in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco,
      Seattle and probably others are outright stating
      they will not cease being sanctuary cities. The
      criminal Rahm (sp?) was the most adamant. Belligerent.
      I don't know why these illegal sanctuary cities were
      not banned from the git go.
      Watched it on O'Reilly and the angry face of Rahm.
      Rahm thinks he can do what ever he wants never mind
      the extremely high murder rate. Must be some
      hidden agenda behind all this cause it ain't that
      they care.

    3. some hidden agenda behind all this cause

      Full blown Communism 'cause this time it will work with only 50,000,000 dead.......kiddies, the majority dead will be you uns' Free Bird just came on, must be a good sign! :)