Thursday, January 26, 2017

Saigon January 27, 2017

Should win Gold Medal of the decade.  From newspaper, hence poor quality.

 Water reservoir going up.

They did all that in about an hour.  No plastic ones here.

Can't even remember why I took this. :)

A/C outside on this little street and it isn't even air conditioned inside!

Excellent peanuts here. Has *Tet greeting added. 

I can't find a video of the Vietnamese girl who taught English on AFVN daily.  Help!?

Watering Tet plants.

His handmade AK.  He made a soccer ball that I thought was real. :)


$53 for a doctor's visit, EKG and medicine.  This is the new clinic of Columbia, an American hospital which was built in 1999.  Then it was $20 for a third world doctor and $40 for an American.  Had a Filipino one back then and a Vietnamese one this time who spoke flawless, non-accented 'American'! :)  

Dear Mr. Brock Townsend,

It's great to know that you have five Vietnamese daughters.

You blood pressure is currently pretty low. I think you should discontinue Hydrochlorothiazide and monitor your blood pressure daily. 

I hope you will get well soon. Please contact me if you have any questions. Have a nice day!

Best regards, 

Dr. Trinh Phan.

A Christian funeral.  Their lighted cross is obscured by an individual.

Ready for Tet.

About  eighty cents.

The only non-alcoholic drink I have ever had that I wanted more than one. :)

 Preparing a Tet present.

The black objects in the middle contain barbecued beef.  Most excellent.


  1. I have a Vietnamese DR too. In Virginia. I can barely understand him. And he charges a LOT more than $20 a visit.

    1. VA = Virginia, Not Veteran's Admin. I have only visited a VA facility once after I retired to get an evaluation. I get all my health care from the private sector.

    2. Rather pay than use them , I assume.

  2. Hey Brock,

    Looks like my brother is back there, now.

    If you talk to him, let him know I got his gift.