Thursday, January 26, 2017

With ISIS Flags Waving & Video: Woman Beheaded in Saudi Arabia As US Women in Pussy Hats Protest Trump

The coalition of the American Left and Islam, long-known to those paying attention, was on full display during the Women's March in Washington DC. The insanity of it seems vexing: how could women, the most oppressed and victimized of all people in Islamic nations, support Islam? It boggles the mind. That is, until one realizes what has been taking place. It is a matter of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The American Left will side with anyone against Christian Whites, even though many of them are Christian Whites. They think, stupidly, that by getting out in front of the issue of cultural change they will save themselves from the Islamists when the beheadings begin. The truth is, they will probably be first, because the rest of the Christian Whites are armed.




  1. All those pink hat wearers are some the most weapons grade stupid people. They all have zero clue as to how good they do have it. They are proof that you can have too much material wealth and too much free time on your hands. They are all enjoying a stand of living that many people will never have. I have been to places where when I can back home, I thanked God for hot and cold water on demand that was safe to drink and for flush toilets. If they truly were as oppressed as they like to have the fantasy that they are, they would not be out protesting. They would be cowering in fear that the state secret police would come to raid them at oh-dark thirty to be taken to a gulag or shot. It is very easy to believe they are so brave when their peer group will fully approve to their actions. Cheap theater performed by attention whores. But there is some entertainment value from the pink pussy hat photo. I do recall some you tube posting feminists whine and bitch how using the color pink for females was "sexist" and promoting the gender stereotype. A bad thing. So what color do they use for the "woman's march"? Yup. Pink. They are angry at Trump for some crude comments made about grabbing a woman by the you-know-what. So what do these brave warriors against sexism do? Yup dress up in a Halloween costume as a vagina!