Friday, April 14, 2017

Saigon April 15, 2017

I hear the Last Post every night at 9:30 from a few blocks away.  I imagine a veteran from the fiasco below who stayed on.

Vietnamese government cancels 50th anniversary of battle of Long Tan 






*David works in Bangkok and gave me this bag made by his girlfriend's tribe. You could slit the bottom, adjust the straps and have a girl's top. :) * Most congenial.

A list has to be sent into the police everynight of all staying at the hotel. The most in order: Australians, Chinese, New Zealanders, English, Americans and French.

This n' that.


Two peppers per meal. :)

Suits $50 to $200.

Two more weeks!

'Chinese' checkers.

The little girl on the left, top three pictures, is a natural model! :)

 Offering to Buddha outside a beauty parlor.