Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Crash Course In Reactionary Geopolitics

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There’s this idea that goes around in rightist circles occasionally that the United States should balkanize, because there’s too much cultural and racial diversity to fit in a democracy, and also that it’s obvious how American power is currently ruining the world. The idea is that if the U.S. broke up and retreated from its foreign entanglements, everything would ultimately end up better off, as the resultant nations would be more culturally homogeneous and able to focus on their internal affairs.

It’s easy enough to see why someone might think that; diversity actually is incompatible with democracy, and America’s foreign policy actually is ruining the world and ourselves, and a retreat and breakup might seem to offer immediate relief from those problems. So, it’s common enough to see this idea in discussions of the problem of America’s future.

But the balkanization meme, and many other visions for America’s geopolitical future, like going back to something more akin to isolationism, miss major facts about the state of the geopolitical game-board and are thus ultimately unrealistic and dangerous.

So, let’s go over five important basic facts that must inform a smarter approach to coming up with ideas for long-term geopolitical strategy:

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Frank Drakman 
Did you ever consider that NATO might invite Russia to join? There are numerous advantages to this, for both Russia and the West.

1 – Removes the fear of Russia invading w. europe, and NATO invading Russia. (It makes me snort when I hear all the people crying Trump is going to start WWIII, when it was Obama who sent troops right to Russia’s doorstep in Poland and the Baltics)

2. Achieves the grand Russian obsession of being taken seriously by the West. I believe Putin sees himself as a latter-day “Peter the Great”, and he would love to go down in history as the leader of the Russian rapprochement with the West.

3. Creates an enormous military to fight the real enemies: Islam, and Chinese expansionism. The Chinese, thanks to their 1-child policy, now have a huge cohort of young men without enough women or jobs to go around. That has historically been a precursor to war. Islam of course is trying to take over the world, but a united West/Russia could easily contain it to MENA.

4. Frees up enormous amounts of brainpower in both the West and Russia spent on weapon design, etc. and lets it tackle problems that people want solved: cancer, energy, clean water, etc.


  1. Present day Turkey is in NATO. Now which country, Turkey or Russia, has a more foreign, incompatible culture to our own culture and western culture in general. There is no reason Turkey should be in NATO. Considering the theories put forth by Generational Dynamics (US and Russia allied VS China, Pakistan and most of Islam), Russia would be a better candidate for NATO than any Islamic country or communist country. indyjonesouthere