Sunday, May 21, 2017

Texas pastors getting 'sermon protection act': Fallout from lesbian mayor's decision to force social agenda in Houston continues

One of the subpoenaed pastors was Khanh Huynh of the Vietnamese Baptist Church in Houston, who lived under the communist regime in Vietnam before participating in the great boatlift.
In an interview, he told WND he left Vietnam because of the repression and absence of freedom of religion, speech and association.
Describing the city’s move as an “intimidation tactic,” Huynh told WND that as a pastor and Christian, he must express perspectives on moral issues “without government oversight.”
“We voice our opinion. We’re standing for righteousness on a moral issue. The issue is that we have got to stand up for our belief,” he explained. “We will not back down.”


Three years ago, Christian pastors in Houston were in a pitched battle with their mayor, lesbian Annise Parker, who had forced her “open bathrooms” agenda through the city council. The pastors wanted the city’s residents to vote on the measure, and she was doing everything she could to prevent that.

WND broke the story when she went nuclear on the pastors, ordering the city’s legal staff to issue subpoenas for their sermons to find out what they had been telling their congregations about homosexuality, transgenderism and the issue of men using women’s bathrooms in city facilities.

The resulting nationwide public outrage, including a description of her actions by talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh as “vile,” caused her to back down almost immediately.

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