Sunday, May 21, 2017

Precursor to the collapse of the United States: Trump Patriot for Blocking Washington Criminals from Presidency-Warren Pollock

Via Billy

Financial and geopolitical analyst Warren Pollock says that President Donald Trump has done one very big thing since he’s been in office, and that is he “exposed a gigantic ball of criminal corruption” in Washington. Pollock explains, “I think Trump did the American people a tremendous service.

 First of all, he blocked the Republican criminals from taking the Presidency.  Look at Paul Ryan.  He had seven years to work on healthcare, and he’s obviously not interested in doing anything for the American people.  The entire panel of Republicans were just part of this great criminal enterprise.

One of them would get the Presidency, and he would have been just the latest criminal in charge of the country.  The same thing with the Democrats.  We had Trump blocking the Democratic criminals from taking the office of the Presidency.  We don’t live in a republic.  We don’t live in democratic system.  These parties are just part of a large system of organized crime.  They exempt themselves from the very laws they hold us accountable to.  Trump was able to rally the American people and defeat criminals from both sides of the aisle. . . . That’s a major service, and we should be thankful for that.  He’s a real patriot, and he made that sacrifice for us. . . . With Trump, they never want to have that happen again.  That’s why you see this narrowing of alternative media.”

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