Thursday, June 29, 2017

Italy’s EU Ambassador Says No To More Migrants

Via Billy


Due to the recent onslaught in migrants in Italy, Italian government officials stated Wednesday that the Italian government might start preventing NGO ships from bringing migrants to Italy.

“Italy has reached saturation point,” an Italian official requesting anonymity told Reuters.

The EU Observer reported that more than 12,000 people arrived to Italy in the past five days, causing difficulties with accommodating the large portion of refugees.

EU’s Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos wrote on Twitter that the other EU states “must deliver” help to Italy based on the large amount of migrants coming through the country. U.N. figures noted that approximately 82,000 migrants have arrived to Italy in the past year.


  1. Have you seen pictures of Italy recently? It appears they are way too late for this announcement. At least it shows they are starting to become aware. Start the deportations ASAP.

  2. The Republic of Ireland should take 15,000 immediately. They've been skating on the "welcome the migrant issue" for years.

    1. Check out the video and mural.

  3. I get so tired of the fallacy of the term, migrant, or refugee. It is nothing more that the media trying to disguise what it actually is. An Invasion! These are not, as the media tries to portray, poor women and children. Look at the facts in Europe. Over 85% of the “refuges” or “migrants” invading Europe are MEN, age 18 – 35. These are not migrants they are an Islamic army invading Europe.

    A few of the former communist nations have refused to accept the invaders. They know what is happening. Many saw it in their lifetimes. The fascist EU, is trying to bully them into submission. But they are giving the middle finger to the EU. And the EU is too weak to do anything. They know if they force the issue the EU will be destroyed. Their master George Soros is doing his best, but Hungry and I think Poland are passing laws to stop his buying influence. We need that here…

    Wake up people it has happened here in America. There are whole cities and counties where citizens are outnumbered by illegals. If I am remembering correctly, Southern California “immigrants” outnumber citizens. It is too late, we have been invaded, and will so no longer be the America we once knew. President Trump can try but I believe we have crossed the point of no return.