Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mark Steyn And Tucker Carlson Mock CNN

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One of my absolute favorite guest hosts for Rush Limbaugh is Mark Steyn (America’s “Undocumented Anchorman,” as he calls himself). Unlike most of Rush’s sit-in hosts, Steyn is the only one that I will keep listening to if I turn on the radio and Rush isn’t in. I just dig his style and his dry British sense of humor. It’s always a win.

So when I heard that Steyn was on with Tucker Carlson last night, I HAD to track down a clip of the segment online (we don’t have cable TV in our house – we’re definitely a cord-cutting family. It’s not a morally superior “TV is going to rot your brain” thing. It’s a “we don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars every month to only watch the two decent channels we have” thing. That’s what the internet is for). And I was NOT disappointed.

The whole segment was basically just one big rip on CNN, which makes it all the more hilarious.

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