Sunday, September 3, 2017

Antifa opening eyes and making new conservatives

Via Billy

The events a week ago in Berkeley, California are sinking in, and maybe opening a few more minds.  Police there stood aside allowed hundreds of uniformed, masked, armed-with-clubs thugs beat-up a handful of harmless free speech and anti-Marxist demonstrators. All of this recorded on countless cell phones. Reporters, including a local TV anchor, were attacked and intimidated along with other helpless people surrounded by the club-wielding militia.

Neoneocon has a fascinating example of one such person undergoing political change, who has posted a YouTube video:


  1. And democrats and the left create another Nationalist NAZI Racist. Well by their definition. What you actually not have is another thinking individual, not a Marxist puppet.


  2. Some newly discovered videos of the great car escape in Charlottesville. Some of the action is hilarious esp. the
    crazies trying to get a free ride on the back of the car.
    First you see them and then you don't.
    What is being said is the Heyer woman died of a heart attack:
    WRSA presented the info.