Sunday, September 3, 2017


 grant carpetbagger

Reconstruction. There is no part of American history in which what is taught these days is more distorted by false assumptions and assertions. For leftists, Reconstruction can be celebrated as a high point of revolutionary change and egalitarian forward thrust in American history. This interpretation is untrue in the terms in which they portray it, but that is the dominant, indeed only mainstream view today. This is the part of American history, then, that is most in need of honest understanding. You will be getting a lot of that this week. In fact, the scholars gathered here have things to teach about Reconstruction, both old things and new things, that cannot be heard anywhere else in the whole vast apparatus of American education.

First, the term “Reconstruction.” It does not refer to rebuilding.


  1. When I learned USA history Reconstruction was represented exactly as it was--taking advantage of the South

    1. That's good. Where and when did you attend school?

  2. Brock. I was taught the same in Maryland and SC. Taking advantage of the south. And I might add..... it appears reconstruction continues to this very day. Politics in the front slot on that with McAufilffs and Coopers and such

  3. This book, 'Negroes In Negroland', by Hinton Rowan Helper,
    was written during the midst of Reconstruction of North
    Carolina. The book was dedicated to Judge Merrimon a good
    friend of author and whom Merrimon Avenue in Asheville is
    named after. Several of the copies of the book on the net
    leave out the dedication. Strange.

    1. Several of the copies of the book on the net
      leave out the dedication.

      I'll guess on purpose, sad to say. Thanks and I hadn't heard of it.